Week 6 Recap

 Pounds Lost This Week: None - I am up 1 lb (15.6 lbs TOTAL lost)

Exercise: I finished week 6 of C25K! On Friday I ran for 22 minutes straight! Only 2 more weeks before I AM able to run a 5K!

I am a little disappointed in myself because I took 3 days off of exercising this past week.

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: C25K Week 6 Day 1 (18 min run /16 min walk) & Elliptical (40 min)
Tuesday: Walk (25 min) & Run (20 min)
Wednesday: C25K Week 6 Day 2 (20 min run/13 min walk)
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: C25K Week 6 Day 3 (22 min run/10 min walk)
Saturday: Skipped workout to do yard work

Eating: This week was not such a good week. After weighing in on Sunday at 196.8, we went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had a Twisted Margarita and a grilled chicken wrap with french fries. Later that day I had a bottle of wine. I weighed myself on Monday morning and was at 199. Boo. I also had several days that I went a little over my calorie goals. I was a bit of a slacker this week.

Weak Moments/Cravings: Wine! :/

 Next Week's Goals: My goal is to loose between 2-3 pounds this week. I also REALLY need to add in strength training this week!

 Have a great week, everyone!