Week 6 Recap

 Pounds Lost This Week: None - I am up 1 lb (15.6 lbs TOTAL lost)

Exercise: I finished week 6 of C25K! On Friday I ran for 22 minutes straight! Only 2 more weeks before I AM able to run a 5K!

I am a little disappointed in myself because I took 3 days off of exercising this past week.

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: C25K Week 6 Day 1 (18 min run /16 min walk) & Elliptical (40 min)
Tuesday: Walk (25 min) & Run (20 min)
Wednesday: C25K Week 6 Day 2 (20 min run/13 min walk)
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: C25K Week 6 Day 3 (22 min run/10 min walk)
Saturday: Skipped workout to do yard work

Eating: This week was not such a good week. After weighing in on Sunday at 196.8, we went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had a Twisted Margarita and a grilled chicken wrap with french fries. Later that day I had a bottle of wine. I weighed myself on Monday morning and was at 199. Boo. I also had several days that I went a little over my calorie goals. I was a bit of a slacker this week.

Weak Moments/Cravings: Wine! :/

 Next Week's Goals: My goal is to loose between 2-3 pounds this week. I also REALLY need to add in strength training this week!

 Have a great week, everyone!


Kari B. said...

Keep it up girl! Don't be so hard on yourself! Oh and that day you skipped your workout to do yard work? That's still better than sitting on the couch, so be proud you got out and DID something on that day! You are an inspiration! Keep it up.

holly said...

Haven't seen you around.... hope you're doing well!!