Breast Cancer, Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Number of miles you need you run
each week to lower your risk of
dying from breast cancer by 42 percent.
Prefer slow and steady to pounding
the pavement? Walking a brisk seven
miles a week does the trick, too.

I read this today in Fitness Magazine. I was shocked by how much they say it lowers your risk of dying from breast cancer. I wonder if that is true. What if it is just in your genes? Will running still lower the odds?

Let's jump back to 2009. After being married for nearly 3 years, my sister, Kristy, and her husband were about to start trying to expand their family when her husband discovered a lump in her breast. She was 30 at the time. She was/is the STRONGEST woman I know. She faught that battle like it was NOTHING. Simply amazing.

Breast cancer is very common in my family. Both grandmas and some of my aunts have had breast cancer prior to Kristy's diagnosis. You better believe that once I hit 30, my sister HOUNDED me to get a mammogram done. I am proud to say that I have had two so far. I get them done yearly now. If I didn't, my sister would harass me every single day until I got it done. As much as they suck, I would rather that than be scolded by her. She scares me. haha

Almost 5 years later and she is as happy as can be with a super adorable almost 7 month old!

 Genetics or not, if I can decrease my odds of getting breast cancer, then I will do it. Thankfully I didn't have to change my workout plans. My weekly goals already consist of that much running/walking!


Kristy Davis said...

Love you, Siz!!!

Kristen said...

My grandma and two aunts have had breast cancer as well, but I have yet to get a mammogram. I know I need to have one done, but am nervous. My grandma had a mastectomy and my aunt a double mastectomy. The thought terrifies me, but hearing stories like this motivates me to be more proactive.