I am loving today! We had parent teacher conferences at the school that I work at last night and this morning, so come 10:45am this morning, I started my weekend!

At 1:40, the mail lady dropped off two packages for me. I knew what they were and was super stoked! I slept in this morning and planned on working out after work HOPING that these items would come and they did!  This is what I got:

BBolder.com - $15
Bolder Band - I have used the regular elastic bands before, but they always either felt like they were going to slip out of place or they did. I ran across these bands online and ordered one. I used it today when I walked/ran for 60 minutes on the treadmill. It NEVER slipped. It stayed in place and was super comfortable. It even soaked up the sweat by my hairline. I didn't have to wipe my face on and off for the entire workout. It was drenched when I took it off, but luckily I can just throw it in the washer! I bought this on BBolder.com and just ordered 3 more tonight since I loved it so much! Here is a coupon code that I saw on Facebook: 10FB10 for 10% off in case you are interested in purchasing one for yourself!
Rakuten - $63
Polar FT4 HRM - Someone suggested that I get a heart rate monitor to give me more accurate information for my workouts. I also like it because I will have correct information when we take the dogs for a walk. I'm going to connect it to Endomondo.com this weekend. I used it during my hour workout today and it showed that I burned 39 more calories than the treadmill showed. I found this one cheapest on Rakuten.com for $63.

I will check in on Sunday and update on how the week went for me! Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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